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When it comes to down to it, we have to START BY DOING and only then dig deep, in order to see, what’s stopping us making healthy choices. I support your doing to make the process an awful lot easier.

In my experience, during periods of chronic ill health, I have reached my lowest points. I was scared of losing the greatest gift we all possess, life. I had big dreams of living my life fully and being of service to society. I was not prepared to give those up. It was when there was a perceived threat of fulfilling my life potential, that I fought at my hardest. That was the easy part. A significant health event usually instigates change in peoples lives. However, the evidence shows after 2 years, old habits return. Fear is a short term motivator for most. The bigger battle is maintenance and consistency of new habits. I never work using fear with clients. It is a disempowering tool.

Staying healthy has got to be a number one priority. It takes, COMMITMENT. It’s that simple. Motoring along in life, ignoring small aches and pains, irritations, chronic tiredness etc will not serve you well. Ignore it and pay the price next week, next month or next year. Is the advice you would give to someone you love ‘live in denial, sur you’ll be grand?’ The impact of even small changes on your health, has a ripple effect creating enormous benefits for your quality of life.

Doing it on your own is an awful lot harder. We all need support. We all need connection. Grab your opportunity for life, get out into the big bad world, and find what works for you! Don’t accept there is only one choice. We are all unique.

I would love to work with you.

I’ve taken my drive for wellness, a step further. I include my years of clinical experience, academic studies, personal experiences, and my practical solutions in my daily life. You cannot get more holistic than that! I’ve made it into my career.